1. Children and persons requiring assistance should not bathe without supervision
  2. People with heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as other serious illnesses , should only use the tub after consulting a doctor.
  3. People with heart disease or high blood pressure are advised not to use the whirlpool.
  4. Alcohol consumption or particularly high physical strain can be a danger when using the whirlpool.
  5. Be careful not to slip when getting in and out of the whirlpool.
  6. Please note that the floor of the tub can be more slippery due to soap residues and other products.
  7. To avoid damage to the product, wash the whirlpool with a soft cloth and neutral soap; do not use acid or alkaline cleaners.
  8. Avoid getting water directly into the hole of the shower head holder (to avoid it flowing under the bathtub)


  • ⚠️It is strongly recommended to rinse off in the shower cabin before using the Balneo
  • ⚠️For ecological reasons and in order not to empty the hot water tank that supplies the whole flat, we advise you to run ⅓ of cold water and ⅔ of hot water to reach the ideal temperature for a bath around 25°.

  • Press the Start/Stop for 2 seconds to turn on the panel, the panel will light up.
  • Press the Start/Stop again to turn it off.
     Locking the control panel
  • The control panel will automatically lock after a short time without activity, and the word LOCK will appear on the display. To unlock the control panel, press and hold 🆗 for 3 seconds .
  • To manually lock the control panel, press and hold 🆗 for 3 seconds

Massage features


  • Use ◀️or ▶️ to select the Air Jets option (6th option on the control panel from the left) and confirm by pressing 🆗 . The bubbles will appear.
  • Press 🆗 again to stop


  • Use ◀️ or ▶️ to select the Water Jets option (4th option on the control panel from the left) confirm by pressing🆗 .The 26 jets will turn on.
  • Press 🆗 again to stop.
  • ⚠️The 26 jets only work if the water level is correct: all jets must be covered with water.
  • ⚠️If the water level is low, the jets will stop, and the icon will flash until the water level restores itself, the jets will then start.

Bluetooth Connection

  • With the system turned on, select the Bluetooth option (the 1st option on the control panel from the left) and press 🆗 for 2s so that the display shows "PAIR".
  • Activate the Bluetooth of your device.
  • The Bluetooth name is "JOYONWAY ". Select this name on your device, to continue you will need to enter the 4 digit PIN code displayed on the user sheet provided next to the Balneo bath.

  • Select the music on your mobile device and press🆗 until the display shows "BT--C " .
  • To turn it off, press Start/Stop again until "BT--C " disappears.
  • To change the song, press Start/Stop , when "P--N " appears on the display, press ◀️or ▶️ to make your selection.
  • Press 🆗 for 2 seconds to pause the song and press 🆗 again to activate.
  • To enter the volume control mode, press Start/Stop  until "VOL " appears. Press◀️or ▶️ to increase the volume and to decrease the volume. The volume setting ranges from 0 to 20.
  • When the Bluetooth music playback function is activated, the ozonator will automatically turn off.
            Note: Bluetooth music playback cannot operate at the same time as the ozonator. 

Temperature control

  • This water heating function with thermostatic control is designed to maintain the temperature of the bath water.
  • ⚠️This is not a means of heating cold water . The water massage jets must be on for this feature to work.
  • Use ◀️ or ▶️ to select Heater option (5th option on the control panel from the left) ,confirm the temperature using 🆗.
  • The bath water temperature will then be maintained from 1º of the set temperature.
  • Press 🆗 again to stop the function.
Setting the temperature
  • The temperature display shows the current water temperature. With the temperature control selected, press the temperature display will start to flash,
  • Use ◀️ or ▶️ to change the temperature down or up or up 1° with each click.
  • When the desired temperature is displayed, remove your finger from the display. After 5 seconds, the display will show the current temperature again and slowly increase or decrease to the desired temperature.
  • ⚠️The default bath temperature is 37°C Temperature range: 35°C - 45°C
  • ⚠️The system will only add heat if needed, it cannot cool the water, please add cold water for this.

Chromotherapy and Ozone

💎CHROMOTHERAPY Use ◀️or ▶️ to select the chromotherapy option (3rd option on the control panel from the left) , Confirm the selection with🆗 and the underwater spotlight will turn on and change colour automatically. Press 🆗 again to turn off the colour therapy. ⚠️For information, chromotherapy is a method of harmonising and helping to heal certain disorders, physical or emotional, through the use of colours
  • Use ◀️or ▶️to select the Ozone option (2nd option on the control panel from the left) ,
  • Confirm 🆗and the ozonator will start to operate.
  • Press 🆗sur again to stop it.
  • ⚠️Ozone eliminates 99% of bacteria and ensures optimum cleanliness for the circuits, pipes, as well as in the bath shell.
  • ⚠️The ozonator will automatically switch off after 10 minutes if not reactivated.